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Lewisian Gneiss

Spiny Fish

A dried out pond…



Park and Castle Rock

The Castle


The Castle

Vulcanic rocks


Greyfriar's Bobby



Before Easter Sunday…

Celtic Cross at The Bield


Life breaks through

The Wildwood at The Bield


Fields waiting for The Sun


Skara Brae..
If you would like to know more about this place, have a look at http://www.orkneyjar.com/history/skarabrae/

A 5000 year old… village?



The famous “dressers”, looking amazingly modern…

Fire pits

Storage room



A magical site… in the evening sun


The Bay of Skaill in the sun

Part 2: Kirkwall and Broch of Gurness

Kirkwall, inside St. Magnus cathedral



Broch of Gurness, iron age


Broch from the outside

A maze of buildings



A millstone

Main entrance





Buildings outside of main complex


Part 1 : Durham – Jarrow – North Berwick


Durham Cathedral





Jarrow St. Paul’s#039;s, oldest church in England, home of the Venerable Bede



A rowan tree opposite the entrance…

oldest stained glass window, 7th century…

North Berwick

Evening on the beach





Happy memories…. Last year we spent some time on the Isle of Iona in the Hebrides. The boys were flying their kite and I took a photo of them against the evening sky. This is what my talented husband turned the simple photo into!


Have a look at his photos: http://lesoupir.wordpress.com