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Distant Memories

Today I have wandered farSoon the day will be overThe trees are growing darkAnd the last rays of sunlight fade awayI have to rest a while before reaching the end of my journeyI sit down at the foot of a big stoneold stone, covered in mossI close my eyes just for a momentTo gather my strengthI wrap my cloak around me And sing softly to myselfAll grows quiet around meI lift my eyes and seeA tall man looking straight at meDressed in strange clothesI feel no fear but admirationHe is so handsome and strongHis eyes deep forest poolsHis features nobleI stand to greet himBut the words don't comeI stare at the deep wound in his chestThen at his pale faceHe smiles at me and shakes his headI move towards him to helpBut as I approach he fades awayAnd I can't see him any moreI continue my wayFeeling sad yet warm insideWhat has happened at this place? Who is he? Where is he now? I walk on wonderingMy soul at peaceHe was before me and he lives onOur paths may still cross again


Vanilla clouds sailing across a sky

Still grey and heavy

Cotton candy clouds sailing across the puddles

Huddled between dead leaves and mud


A smell of sweetness in the air

Over the scent of decay

A smell of hope and promise

Over the odour of death


Warmth of the sun

Red and golden

Warmth of the fire

Blazing white

Warmth of newborn lambs

Black and cream


Here she comes

Dancing across the fields

Healing in her footprints

Inspiration in her breath

Wisdom in her words

Here she comes


Summer is ending…

I suspected it for a few days but this morning I knew: summer has come to and end and autumn is almost here… There is that distinct crisp cool feel in the air and some trees are changing colours. My heart did a little leap of sadness because it seems that the summer days have pased so quickly this year. Was there any time at all to sit down and enjoy a warm evening? how is it that the days fly past so quickly? it must be me and my focus on other things than the present moment… Still, I love autumn and I am looking forward to the colours and sounds and smell of that beautiful season. Let’s hope, I won’t write a similar article when winter comes and wonder how quicly the season has passed without me participating fully…


I am a raven’s dark wing
I am a whisper on the wind
I am a sigh in the breeze
I am a leaf slowly falling
I am a bush on a rock
I am a rhustle in the grass
I am a creak of the branch
I am the fur of the fox
I am the eye of the mouse
I am the howling of the wolf
I am the scream of the hawk
I am a shadow against the moon
I am a grey lining on the horizon
I am the barking of a dog
I am a cat returning home
I am a cloud turning pink



Mist to Sun… a sonnet


Grey wips of mist cover the ground
The trees look sad, I hear no sound
Dew drops hang from all the branches
The grass is damp, mud fills the trenches

Soil clings to my boots and slows my speed
Bushes reach for my clothes, I do not heed
All noise is muffled by cotton wool clouds
The whole world around me is wrapped in a shroud

Then all starts to change, hardly noticable first
The sounds sound freer, to the surface they burst
The grass starts to glow green and bright around
The trees stand erect now, with gold they are crowned
The world shakes free from the quiet white blanket
As a ray of sunshine touches and transforms


Frozen World

Frost with frenzied breath
Holds in his firm iron fist
Earth, sky and water
And my soul

The lake lies still
Like a magical mirror
Frosted with flakes of snow
Deep silence

Fields of frozen silver
Grass in grey armour
Brazen bushes
Tin coloured trees

River and stream stopped running
Phantastic figures
Border on banks
Sit on stones

A sky of polished silver
Clouds cling to clouds
A sun of molten lead
Hangs low

My soul is still
Held by a heavy chain
Of frost and fear
And cold

Will She Come?