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A tiny bit of untouched forest… the open door was too tempting so we entered…






















Signs of spring are visible here and there, the colours still subdued…













Paddeling across the water at 5:30, watching a murmuration of starlings dancing over the rushes, finding traces of beever and woodpecker, discovering wild food…













Falling softly

Carressing blossoms

Rolling along leaves

Dripping on the ground



Pelting down

Driven by gusts of wind

Hammering against my window

Hitting the soil



Streaming endlessly

Washing rocks

Gushing downhill

Filling the river



Clearing my mind

Freeing my heart

Opening my mind

Cleansing all


Round and round…

I am in a snow flake

Softly falling to the ground

I am slowly melting

Always homeward bound


I drip into the dark soil

Weaving here and there

Ever flowing further

Tight spaces I can bear


I am now with others

As lonely as me

We shall join our forces

And turn into a stream


Then we move upwards

Through white narrow veins

Further and further

’till the light shines again


I am in a flower

Breaking through earth’s hard crust

I give her bright colours

And quench her thirst


Then I slowly dissolve again

Floating upwards this time

I wonder what will happen

When I reach the sky


I join the fair clouds

Making many new friends

Others like me abound

And we dance, and we dance


Then the dance ends

I can feel my own weight

I slowly slip downwards

I try not to be afraid


I am in a snow flake…