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Easter Sunday Song

I am the song of a lark spiralling into the blue

I am the scream of a man, beaten and abused

I am the bright colous of a meadow in bloom

I am the face of a leper

I am the delicate perfume of a rose

I am the stench of meat, rotting under the sun

I am the soft touch of a gentle evening breeze

I am the sharp pain of a sandstorm on skin

I am light

I am darkness

I am warmth

I am cold

I am water

I am earth

I am fire

I am ice

I am all these and more

I am

I am alive although I am dead

I am…

I am the silver line on the horizon

I am the song of the blackbird

I am the colours of the rainbow

I am the taste of homemade bread

I am the scent of summer

I am the deep blue of the sky in May

I am the touch of your hands

I am the voice of the lark

I am the warmth of the sun’s rays


I am No-Thing in All


I am a raven’s dark wing
I am a whisper on the wind
I am a sigh in the breeze
I am a leaf slowly falling
I am a bush on a rock
I am a rhustle in the grass
I am a creak of the branch
I am the fur of the fox
I am the eye of the mouse
I am the howling of the wolf
I am the scream of the hawk
I am a shadow against the moon
I am a grey lining on the horizon
I am the barking of a dog
I am a cat returning home
I am a cloud turning pink