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Brighid has come out of the hill

Bleak are the fields
Stretching to the horizon
Barren the trees
Under a leaden sky

Burdened is my soul
With its load of empty thoughts
Beat for beat
My heart labours on

Cold wind, cold air
Chill me to the bone
Cailleach the Crone
Craddles me close

Burning in my soul
Is a glowing ember
Blinding me almost
As it bursts into flame

Bright Brighid
Bountiful maiden
Bearing so many gifts
Bringing hope and joy

Two and yet one
Old and young
Wisdom and strength
Gifts without measure


Imbolc thoughts…

Every year I am surprised to have the same experience! Winter seems to go on and on and although I know that we need winter, cold, frost, dark, stagnation, death, rest… I long for spring. Every year I think that Imbolc comes too early, that nature is not ready yet. Every hear, just a day or two before Imbolc I see, hear, feel, smell, taste a difference that announces spring. Yesterday I walked for a long time and suddenly realised how the light had changed. The sky turned blue and white and pink and was suddenly bright and warm. Light cascaded down and I stopped and looked up, wondering what had happened. The sun was going down but this light shone from high above down on me… I just relished in the brightness and then continued to walk. Lots of puddles were there along my way, bright and shining with the light, reflecting the soft pink and white of the clouds and here and there bits of blue sky. There was a change in the smell of the air, a sweetness that hadn't been there all winter. Birds were chattering in the trees and bushes and I knew: Brighid has come… It is time to shed the old skin, to drop the dead weight on my shoulders, time to allow new growth, time to stretch and straighten my back and breathe deeply. Inspiration will come, healing is near, music and laughter can be heard in the distance. Brighid has come…

Vanilla clouds sailing across a sky

Still grey and heavy

Cotton candy clouds sailing across the puddles

Huddled between dead leaves and mud


A smell of sweetness in the air

Over the scent of decay

A smell of hope and promise

Over the odour of death


Warmth of the sun

Red and golden

Warmth of the fire

Blazing white

Warmth of newborn lambs

Black and cream


Here she comes

Dancing across the fields

Healing in her footprints

Inspiration in her breath

Wisdom in her words

Here she comes


Sireadh Thall

Seek beyond creation’s veil

Seek beyond

Look upon the sky so pale

Seek beyond

Search behind the clouds of your mind

Seek beyond

Seek and rest not until you find

Seek beyond

Gaze into a candle’s flame

Seek beyond

Pierce through the secret’s realm

Seek beyond

Patiently walk slowly on

Seek beyond

Spirit as your companion

Seek beyond