David, Seb and Thomas in front of the “Werewolf”.

Old fashioned fun!





The Big Wheel

Bumper cars



The Cobra!

To celebrate the end of exams, we took the boys to Walibi today!
Dalton Terror, here we come…



Up they go…

Up, up, up…

To the top… and then you drop!!




Great fun was had by all!

We got up early to watch the sun rise and were greeted by a lark singing and spiralling up into the sky…


So many clouds above the horizon, will we see anything at all?

The sky is getting redder…

Here he comes…

Sun rising above Silenrieux

Somewhere up in the blue is the lark, singing her heart out…







The other day, we went to visit this magical place, La Grange aux Papillons, a habitat created for exotic butterflies… Walk around with me…









A few years ago, I was animating a group of children and had created a week on the life of the ancient celts… We organised an excursion to an open air museum, l’Archéoscope d’Aubechies, and had a really brilliant day together. A couple showed us how to spin wool and explained their techniques of natural dying. I was intrigued. Later on, another weekend on experimental archaeology, this time in Le Musée du Malgré-Tout in Treignes, made me want to try this out for myself. I got a beginner’s kit with a simple spindle and different types of wool and got to work. Over winter I worked my way through all sorts of wool and have now a little collection of skeins in different natural hues. I didn’t quite know what to do with them and took a pause. Now I got myself another spindle and more wool and just keep going until I know what I’ll use the wool for :-))… I just love producing the thread and enjoy the quiet movement of the spindle…


Pulling and tugging
Pleading and begging
Asking and grasping
Wanting, demanding…

Reproachful eyes staring at me

Little “i” wants to hide
Run away
Cover her ears

I stand still
And wait
In silence

The world is so bright today after the rain… Trees shining with green, flowers in brilliant colours, the sky azure blue with pinkish clouds sailing rapidly across. A high wind is blowing for hours and there is a wonderful smell of early summer in the air. My heart and soul mirror this beautiful morning.




Falling softly

Carressing blossoms

Rolling along leaves

Dripping on the ground



Pelting down

Driven by gusts of wind

Hammering against my window

Hitting the soil



Streaming endlessly

Washing rocks

Gushing downhill

Filling the river



Clearing my mind

Freeing my heart

Opening my mind

Cleansing all