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Female aristocrat hunting

🙂 Drunk in charge…

Papil Stone, West Burra

Papil Stone, bird-headed men

Papil Stone, Lion

Papil Stone, “Monks”



Pictish engravings

Broken rod and crescent…

Viking plaque


The Eye of Brodgar

From the Ness of Brodgar excavation

Stone spatulas, Ness of Brodgar

Stone axes, Ness of Brodgar


Ness of Brodgar

Haematite, Ness of Brodgar

Mace head, Ness of Brodgar


The Brodgar Boy…

Grooved Ware, Ness of Brodgar





Decorations, Ness of Brodgar

We did get to Birsay finally, another Broch, only accessible at low tide. The Broch was inhabited originally by Picts and then taken over by Vikings…

The passage is open…




The Viking settlement

Cliffs of Birsay


Seagull young


Lighthouse on top of Birsay


Colours of Orkney…