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Celtic Easter 2013


Before Easter Sunday…

Celtic Cross at The Bield


Life breaks through

The Wildwood at The Bield


Fields waiting for The Sun


I am…

I am the silver line on the horizon

I am the song of the blackbird

I am the colours of the rainbow

I am the taste of homemade bread

I am the scent of summer

I am the deep blue of the sky in May

I am the touch of your hands

I am the voice of the lark

I am the warmth of the sun’s rays


I am No-Thing in All



Today, the sun came out and  the world changed!  There were so many blossoms on bushes and trees, opening delicate and fresh leaves and this distinct pre-summer perfume hanging in the air. What a change from the cold and grey days behind us… When I picked up all the different scents, I only noticed how much I had missed them over winter. Tonight we step into the Celtic summer, Beltane is here! A time for buds and blossoms and a promise of fruit to come. I am looking forward to this season with anticipation and curiosity and a little bit of excited flutters in my tummy. What is growing in and around me?