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Brighid has come out of the hill

Bleak are the fields
Stretching to the horizon
Barren the trees
Under a leaden sky

Burdened is my soul
With its load of empty thoughts
Beat for beat
My heart labours on

Cold wind, cold air
Chill me to the bone
Cailleach the Crone
Craddles me close

Burning in my soul
Is a glowing ember
Blinding me almost
As it bursts into flame

Bright Brighid
Bountiful maiden
Bearing so many gifts
Bringing hope and joy

Two and yet one
Old and young
Wisdom and strength
Gifts without measure


Sireadh Thall

Seek beyond creation’s veil

Seek beyond

Look upon the sky so pale

Seek beyond

Search behind the clouds of your mind

Seek beyond

Seek and rest not until you find

Seek beyond

Gaze into a candle’s flame

Seek beyond

Pierce through the secret’s realm

Seek beyond

Patiently walk slowly on

Seek beyond

Spirit as your companion

Seek beyond