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Port Diseart





Brighid's Well… The Well of Eternal Youth



Evening at Cnoc Oran

The Sound of Mull


The White Strand of The Monks


Mist rolling in



Park and Castle Rock

The Castle


The Castle

Vulcanic rocks


Greyfriar's Bobby


Nettles and Violets


Signs of spring are everywhere…

The fields are waiting

Farmers are getting ready!

the soil still needs turning


Last years growth is whithered and dry

Fertilizer and the Lime Tree


These fields are ready





Der Bauer ist auch schon auf…


























Winter walk impressions









The other day, we went to visit this magical place, La Grange aux Papillons, a habitat created for exotic butterflies… Walk around with me…







Happy memories…. Last year we spent some time on the Isle of Iona in the Hebrides. The boys were flying their kite and I took a photo of them against the evening sky. This is what my talented husband turned the simple photo into!


Have a look at his photos: http://lesoupir.wordpress.com