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Port Diseart





Brighid's Well… The Well of Eternal Youth



Evening at Cnoc Oran

The Sound of Mull


The White Strand of The Monks


Mist rolling in



St. Columba's Bay



Port Ban


Port Ban in the evening

My little tent



My first place to visit is always the Hermit's Cell


View from the Hermit's Cell


St. Oran's Chapel and cemetry

Heather Ale and garden salad at the Columba's Hotel…



Meeting my old friend Meg…

… and Milo!


Bible of the field preacher William Hannay of Dumfriesshire which he left behind in a pile of straw when government troops came after him. He recuperated it later on but it had been slashed by a sword…


Mask and wig of field preacher Alexander Peden, Ayrshire









Female aristocrat hunting

🙂 Drunk in charge…

Papil Stone, West Burra

Papil Stone, bird-headed men

Papil Stone, Lion

Papil Stone, “Monks”




Lewisian Gneiss

Spiny Fish

A dried out pond…



Park and Castle Rock

The Castle


The Castle

Vulcanic rocks


Greyfriar's Bobby