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And her is the finished yarn, “Iona”, very ordinary looking but check out the colours coming out here and there 🙂


Road of Trials…

in February I had inscribed for a course of creative spinning, The Journey to the Golden Fleece. Today I was planning to write to my mentor and say that I just couldn't continue with the course because I don't have enough time and I feel totally blocked and it's just not possible…. Then I got an encouraging email this morning and thought, well, maybe this is part of the journey after all and I'm not alone with these feelings!



So I decided to go ahead with what I had planned: expressing the moment I found my spiritual path in fibre. I discovered the path of the Ceile De, a Celtic order, seven years ago in a time when I was quite low and depressed. So I planned to use a lot of the Welsh black wool and a bit of the brilliant green raw silk I bought a little while ago. I had two approaches. I span the black wool just normally on my heavy handspindle and then the green silk alone on my lightweight topspindle, then I plied them together. That looked quite good although the green is much more noticable than I thought it would be…


Then I mixed the green silk with pale green merino wool. I don't have any proper mixing tools so I used my hand carders. I ended up with the green silk just showing up here and there in the finished yarn, much more what I had intended it to do.



And then I just stared at the rests of fibre on my sofa, black, brown, white wool and some brilliantly coloured blue and green ramie that I got as a gift with my order from Hilltop Cloud Katie.

I started putting them randomly on my carders, first the darker colours, then blending in the white and finally the green and blue. They made three reasonable rolag type thingies (never really done this before, you see!). I'm supposed to clean the house in preparation for guests tomorrow but I couldn't stop and started spinning the fibre. The thread that wound itself around my spindle touched me deeply in my heart: the colours that came out are the colours of the isle of Iona in the Hebrides and strongly linked to our tradition. On Iona I started my spiritual path consciously… This yarn isn't finished yet. I will ply this with white locks of a fleece of a lamb in the French Alps and then post a picture of the end result! I was quite taken aback, though, by this onslaught of inspiration and now definitely need some chocolate :-)…


St. Brighid's Well, Iona

White Strand of the Monks, Iona




Port Diseart





Brighid's Well… The Well of Eternal Youth



Evening at Cnoc Oran

The Sound of Mull


The White Strand of The Monks


Mist rolling in



St. Columba's Bay



Port Ban


Port Ban in the evening

My little tent



My first place to visit is always the Hermit's Cell


View from the Hermit's Cell


St. Oran's Chapel and cemetry

Heather Ale and garden salad at the Columba's Hotel…



Meeting my old friend Meg…

… and Milo!


Happy memories…. Last year we spent some time on the Isle of Iona in the Hebrides. The boys were flying their kite and I took a photo of them against the evening sky. This is what my talented husband turned the simple photo into!


Have a look at his photos: http://lesoupir.wordpress.com