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The Road of Trials continues…

Alpine locks :-)…


Road of Trials…

in February I had inscribed for a course of creative spinning, The Journey to the Golden Fleece. Today I was planning to write to my mentor and say that I just couldn't continue with the course because I don't have enough time and I feel totally blocked and it's just not possible…. Then I got an encouraging email this morning and thought, well, maybe this is part of the journey after all and I'm not alone with these feelings!



So I decided to go ahead with what I had planned: expressing the moment I found my spiritual path in fibre. I discovered the path of the Ceile De, a Celtic order, seven years ago in a time when I was quite low and depressed. So I planned to use a lot of the Welsh black wool and a bit of the brilliant green raw silk I bought a little while ago. I had two approaches. I span the black wool just normally on my heavy handspindle and then the green silk alone on my lightweight topspindle, then I plied them together. That looked quite good although the green is much more noticable than I thought it would be…


Then I mixed the green silk with pale green merino wool. I don't have any proper mixing tools so I used my hand carders. I ended up with the green silk just showing up here and there in the finished yarn, much more what I had intended it to do.



And then I just stared at the rests of fibre on my sofa, black, brown, white wool and some brilliantly coloured blue and green ramie that I got as a gift with my order from Hilltop Cloud Katie.

I started putting them randomly on my carders, first the darker colours, then blending in the white and finally the green and blue. They made three reasonable rolag type thingies (never really done this before, you see!). I'm supposed to clean the house in preparation for guests tomorrow but I couldn't stop and started spinning the fibre. The thread that wound itself around my spindle touched me deeply in my heart: the colours that came out are the colours of the isle of Iona in the Hebrides and strongly linked to our tradition. On Iona I started my spiritual path consciously… This yarn isn't finished yet. I will ply this with white locks of a fleece of a lamb in the French Alps and then post a picture of the end result! I was quite taken aback, though, by this onslaught of inspiration and now definitely need some chocolate :-)…


St. Brighid's Well, Iona

White Strand of the Monks, Iona



Embarking on the journey


When I started on this journey, I had a great idea how to design my first yar. Thinking back to the time before I embarked on my spiritual journey, I came across an avatar I used which expresses this pre-adventure me quite well:

So I decided to work with the colour scheme of this gothic girl I was for a while, black, red and hints of other colours witha bit of sparkle. I found fibres to work with and waited for them to arrive.
But only one shipping made it, the rest never turned up! So I had to rethink and got a bit upset. Time went by and I ended up spinning a yarn just because I felt I had to (very much the old me, by the way, feeling obliged and doiing things against my will and better judgement). This is it:
I wasn't happy because it was just a boring old yarn in colours I didn't like…
So I bought some sparkely paillettes and nylon to add them to the dark purple fibre. That would work much better, I thought. I did manage to get the paillettes on nylon thread but when the doorbell rang and I had to put it down, it all tangled up and I just couldn't get it detangled, try as I might! I thought that in the end I wouldn't be able to use the nylon anyway as it seemed unmanagable, so I gave up this path, too.



In the end, I got quite angry because nothing seemed to work out. One evening, I just grabbed the fibres I had, separated them roughly and thought, how can I get an effect into THAT? And I just started twisting andspinning and overtwisting the fibres and ended up with an effect I rather liked! The yarn is very thick but structured and looks good to me.

To be continued…


Distant Memories

Today I have wandered farSoon the day will be overThe trees are growing darkAnd the last rays of sunlight fade awayI have to rest a while before reaching the end of my journeyI sit down at the foot of a big stoneold stone, covered in mossI close my eyes just for a momentTo gather my strengthI wrap my cloak around me And sing softly to myselfAll grows quiet around meI lift my eyes and seeA tall man looking straight at meDressed in strange clothesI feel no fear but admirationHe is so handsome and strongHis eyes deep forest poolsHis features nobleI stand to greet himBut the words don't comeI stare at the deep wound in his chestThen at his pale faceHe smiles at me and shakes his headI move towards him to helpBut as I approach he fades awayAnd I can't see him any moreI continue my wayFeeling sad yet warm insideWhat has happened at this place? Who is he? Where is he now? I walk on wonderingMy soul at peaceHe was before me and he lives onOur paths may still cross again


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Brighid has come out of the hill

Bleak are the fields
Stretching to the horizon
Barren the trees
Under a leaden sky

Burdened is my soul
With its load of empty thoughts
Beat for beat
My heart labours on

Cold wind, cold air
Chill me to the bone
Cailleach the Crone
Craddles me close

Burning in my soul
Is a glowing ember
Blinding me almost
As it bursts into flame

Bright Brighid
Bountiful maiden
Bearing so many gifts
Bringing hope and joy

Two and yet one
Old and young
Wisdom and strength
Gifts without measure


End of the year walk


Fields of Boussu-Lez-Walcourt

Low sun

Decaying leaf


The road ahead


Secrets from under the earth

Life always wins



Meeting my old friend Meg…

… and Milo!


Bible of the field preacher William Hannay of Dumfriesshire which he left behind in a pile of straw when government troops came after him. He recuperated it later on but it had been slashed by a sword…


Mask and wig of field preacher Alexander Peden, Ayrshire



Female aristocrat hunting

🙂 Drunk in charge…

Papil Stone, West Burra

Papil Stone, bird-headed men

Papil Stone, Lion

Papil Stone, “Monks”




Lewisian Gneiss

Spiny Fish

A dried out pond…



Before Easter Sunday…

Celtic Cross at The Bield

Life breaks through

The Wildwood at The Bield


Fields waiting for The Sun


Nettles and Violets


Signs of spring are everywhere…

The fields are waiting

Farmers are getting ready!

the soil still needs turning


Last years growth is whithered and dry

Fertilizer and the Lime Tree


These fields are ready


Around Boussu-Lez-Walcourt















Der Bauer ist auch schon auf…


























Fish, flowers and “mendiants”… 🙂


Etang de Virelles, impressions…







A tiny bit of untouched forest… the open door was too tempting so we entered…






















Signs of spring are visible here and there, the colours still subdued…













Paddeling across the water at 5:30, watching a murmuration of starlings dancing over the rushes, finding traces of beever and woodpecker, discovering wild food…











Rainbow footprint






Frozen puddles…


The little river…






Traces in the snow…


Orkney Colours…






Slowly and regularly

Round and round

Dropping to the ground

Pulling and twisting

Tugging at glistening

Fibres in a mound


Smell of wool

Shine of silk

Softness of cotton

Sweetness of linen


Glorious green

Riotous red

Blazing blue

Yummy yellow

Vibrant violet

Powerful purple

Black, brown and white


Slowly and regularly

Round and round

Spins the spindle

Pulling and twisting

Twisting the thread

Tugging at the heart

Of Ariadne

Woolly thoughts…


My homespun yarn waiting to get knit…

Hawk waiting to get his teeth into my yarn…


Imbolc thoughts…

Every year I am surprised to have the same experience! Winter seems to go on and on and although I know that we need winter, cold, frost, dark, stagnation, death, rest… I long for spring. Every year I think that Imbolc comes too early, that nature is not ready yet. Every hear, just a day or two before Imbolc I see, hear, feel, smell, taste a difference that announces spring. Yesterday I walked for a long time and suddenly realised how the light had changed. The sky turned blue and white and pink and was suddenly bright and warm. Light cascaded down and I stopped and looked up, wondering what had happened. The sun was going down but this light shone from high above down on me… I just relished in the brightness and then continued to walk. Lots of puddles were there along my way, bright and shining with the light, reflecting the soft pink and white of the clouds and here and there bits of blue sky. There was a change in the smell of the air, a sweetness that hadn't been there all winter. Birds were chattering in the trees and bushes and I knew: Brighid has come… It is time to shed the old skin, to drop the dead weight on my shoulders, time to allow new growth, time to stretch and straighten my back and breathe deeply. Inspiration will come, healing is near, music and laughter can be heard in the distance. Brighid has come…

Vanilla clouds sailing across a sky

Still grey and heavy

Cotton candy clouds sailing across the puddles

Huddled between dead leaves and mud


A smell of sweetness in the air

Over the scent of decay

A smell of hope and promise

Over the odour of death


Warmth of the sun

Red and golden

Warmth of the fire

Blazing white

Warmth of newborn lambs

Black and cream


Here she comes

Dancing across the fields

Healing in her footprints

Inspiration in her breath

Wisdom in her words

Here she comes


Walk in the snow…





































Samhain eve

My badger..


Seb's scary face…



In plain view


Bit by bit


At first

Almost unnoticably

Change is here


What seemed certain and clear

Has disappeared behind a curtain of mist

I catch a glimpse every now and then

And all has turned into vapour


There is no firm ground under my feet

I put my foot down and sink

I take another step and stumble

There is nothing else to do

But to keep walking

Or is there?


Thoughts race each other

And keep turning round and round

Chasing the wind

Spinning and whirling

Forcing me to look at a mirage


My world falls apart

Shatters like glass

And I have to act

Or do I?

What is real?

What is illusion?

What is left?


Could it be

That after all these years

I have to be



On the beach…















Jimmy's chip shop in Pierowall…






Round Castle o' Burrian











Westray Airport…

Yup, that's it!

View across to Papay


Seagulls found…





Bunnies found…

Seal found…







Very cute birds, indeed!

7:00 am














St. Nicholas Round Kirk























The Gloup








Towards the Broch of Deerness





Inside the Broch



Orkney colours


Pictish engravings

Broken rod and crescent…

Viking plaque


The Eye of Brodgar

From the Ness of Brodgar excavation

Stone spatulas, Ness of Brodgar

Stone axes, Ness of Brodgar


Ness of Brodgar

Haematite, Ness of Brodgar

Mace head, Ness of Brodgar


The Brodgar Boy…

Grooved Ware, Ness of Brodgar





Decorations, Ness of Brodgar

We did get to Birsay finally, another Broch, only accessible at low tide. The Broch was inhabited originally by Picts and then taken over by Vikings…

The passage is open…




The Viking settlement

Cliffs of Birsay


Seagull young


Lighthouse on top of Birsay


Colours of Orkney…


Archaeologists are excavating a site on the Ness of Brodgar which seems to be a religious centre, closely connected to the Ring of Brodgar and Standing Stones of Steerness… More at http://www.orkneyjar/history








Summer day

Sunshine and Wind on my skin

Caressing me

Your hand in mine

Our eyes meeting

Souls melting into each other

Sharing, multiplying  love

Savouring life

Pronouncing the inexpressible

Wind and Sunshine in my heart

Joy and gratitude


Winter brightness

It has been so long since I have posted here! Life was just too busy, I guess.

But today was a day off, free, and I went for a walk with the dog. It was cold, frosty but sunny and here are some pictures from the land here. What a gorgeous day, what a lovely moment to just breathe the cold air and bask in the pale glorious sunshine that only lasts for a few short hours now. The Solstice is coming ever closer…

Contemplation et transformation

Caché tout au fond de mon être, il y a une source d’eau vive qui jaillit sans arrêt. Caché tout au fond de moi-même, il y a plus que moi. Notre vie de tous les jours le rend difficile de redécouvrir ces trésors mais si nous prenons un peu de temps pour mettre les distractions à côté et pour nous concentrer sur notre coeur, une grande aventure peut commencer.

Le savoir autour de cette vie intérieure n’est pas oublié par tous. Ici et là, il y a des groupes de personnes de différentes convictions et croyances qui ont pu expérimenter la rencontre avec ce grand Mystère que certain parmi nous appellent Dieu. Différentes traditions ont conservé et transmis des enseignements autour de cette rencontre mystique. Une d’entre elles est celle des Céile Dé, une petit groupe monastique écossais qui vivent une vie de silence et de contemplation. Venez découvrir cette tradition avec ses pratiques de prière, de chants et de méditation au long d’une journée avec Heike Killet, Oide (enseignante ordinée des Céile Dé).


Dimanche 24 avril 2016 à L’ArBre, Bruly-de-Pesche (Belgique)

Renseignements et inscription +32-(0)496-86.32.10,


Memories of the Beginning


The old woman stares into the fire and begins to talk.

In the beginning, there were the Nine. Earth, Fire, Water, Wind and Light, Male and Female, Time and Sound, and they all came out of No-Thing.

They emerged out of the shining, whirling mass and hovered for a while. Then Water formed a ball, a huge ball, slowly turning in the void. Earth settled on Water and sighed a deep sigh of contentment. Wind laughed deeply and enveloped them in her strong arms, sometimes caressing them and sometimes ruffling up Water with mighty gusts. Time smiled and said: “It is done! I have begun.” and Sound echoed his words. All of a sudden, Fire burst out from inside of Earth and Water where she had hidden. Water turned into steam where she passed and Earth glowed red and orange in her passage. They marveled at Fire’s shining colors and fiery heat. All elements, Time and Sound complemented each other, played with each other and all was in balance.

Then Male and Female came into Being, and all of a sudden, creatures emerged in the Water, on Earth, carried by the Wind and flying into the Fire. Fish swam the oceans, in all shades of blue, but where they touched the Earth, they turned brown and green. When they jumped out of the Water and got carried for a moment on the Wind, their skin turned white and grey, and they began to breathe oxygen. This is how the mighty whales and the playful dolphins came to have lungs. Where a spark of Fire touched them, they started to glow, and when they dove back into the Water, they carried their light with them to shine in the inky depths.

Birds swarmed and flew high on the wind. (…)

To be continued

2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 420 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 7 trips to carry that many people.

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Another Four Elements Yarn…

DSCN1687After dyeing the Scottish wool that I had just picked up from the fields, I carded it and then used a wooden hair comb as a makeshift hackle! The colors blended quite beautifully and I span and then navajoplied them.


DSCN1688 DSCN1690

And somewhere on the web I had seen this brilliant idea to keep the ply from tangling! Works a treat!! Now the yarn is drying, so the final picture will have to wait for tomorrow.


HeikeKillet4/2    Et voilà!   DSCN1693


I am quite impressed with the way the colors have come out, very soft hues of blue, green and red, held together by the woolwhite. I chose green as the color of the element earth because in my tradition the Earth is called “the Green Diamond” :-).  There is still a lot of wool left so I will make more of this yarn over the next few days.

Solar Dyeing…


The idea is so neat but I had no dye in the house, except for Easter egg colors… Why not? This morning, I filled jars with wool, popped a tablet or two of egg dye on them and filled the jars with a mix of hot water and vinegar. They are now out in the sun and I am more than curious to check out the result later on… and here it is, solar dyed Easteregg coloured Scottish wool!! 🙂







When I had finished the Vision Quest yarn, I just could not stop but had to go on to the next project. The task was to reflect on what I love about myself because without love for myself I cannot love others, and I cannot be creative.

Some time ago, I had followed a workshop about archetypes and I was reminded of the fact that two elements are quite predominant in me: “water” and “earth”. I use “air” a lot when I deal with life and “fire” is the suppressed element that I only “let out” every now and again. I do love it when all four elements are in balance and I live out of that perfect blend.

I was hit by the realization that the fibres I had used regularly here and there in my creations express the “water-earth” elements perfectly: the beautiful blend of silk that I call in my mind “Iona colors”:




So this would be the core of my yarn, the foundation.

In order to add “fire”, I thought of the gift I had received the day before from Suzy: yellow, red, orange, brown with lots of little added hues and glitter.


In my mind, the two fibres were clashing, colors and textures were so different but hey, I would try it out anyway. Here’s the spun “fire”:

DSCN1665 DSCN1666

Water-earth-fire next to each other:


So, what about “air”? Air is, well, airy and fluffy and light, clouds sailing lazily across the sky on a warm summer’s day. Ah, how about the soft fur of Harriette, our bunny rabbit, carded with white wool I had gathered on a retreat in Scotland?



And now all that was left to do was to assemble the three yarns = four elements:DSCN1670DSCN1678


As in “real life”, the “air” is very noticeable and here and there the “fire” jumps out!

I really love this yarn :-).

Then I had quite a bit of the “water-earth” and the “fire” yarn left and I thought, what would happen, if I assembled just the two?

DSCN1679 DSCN1680DSCN1683

It looks rather striking, I think and leaves me to wonder what my life would be like if I based it on “water-earth” and “fire”, leave out the “air” for a bit?

Here are the two yarns side by side:

DSCN1681 DSCN1682


Hawk checking out the finished yarn

Well, there was so much going on over the last few weeks that I had totally neglected my spinning project, Vision Quest. The aim was to express in yarn what I saw on a photo (chosen amongst about ten with different themes). I had planned to try my hand at dying because the yellow of the sun intrigued me. In the end, I used the lovely soft winter fur that our Alaskan Malamut Hawk had been spreading around the house so generously…








The Yarn is a blend of multicolored silk, Malamut fur that I have dyed yellow with food coloring (hello, Rainbow Cake!) and green merino wool carded with green silk. I am quite pleased with the end result.


At first, I thought that the yarn was too colorful compared with the photo but when I look closely at the darker colors of the road and the greenery lining it, I can see lots of colors and that is what makes it so deep and rich. So, here it is, Road into the Sunset Vision Quest yarn!