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I am I am
I am I am
I am a vessel of stone…Standing there quietly, waiting patiently.
Slowly the master chissels away, bits here and bits there
Sometimes it hurts, and I want him to stop.
He pauses for a while and then, delicately,
lovingly, he lifts his chissel.
After years in darkness, I can see light.
There is nothing above my head
but the starry night sky now.
My eyes drink in the sight
of blue and silver and gold.
Around me there is a liquid,
warm, thick, nourishing water,
softening colours and shapes.
I turn around, around my self,
around my Self, around…
Water fills the chalice,
all the way up
all the way down.
It comes from a source
deep in the ground
where the stars live also
welling up in the chalice
keeping me floating,
I am a vessel
of stone
White stone, Limestone
Under pressure


.. words made real communication possible. Stepping back from emotions allowed us to exchange thoughts and feelings, convictions and priorities. This was a major step forward. So, what are we going to do with the rest of our lives? We shall walk forwards, open and honestly, with conviction and determination.

Frozen World

Frost with frenzied breath
Holds in his firm iron fist
Earth, sky and water
And my soul

The lake lies still
Like a magical mirror
Frosted with flakes of snow
Deep silence

Fields of frozen silver
Grass in grey armour
Brazen bushes
Tin coloured trees

River and stream stopped running
Phantastic figures
Border on banks
Sit on stones

A sky of polished silver
Clouds cling to clouds
A sun of molten lead
Hangs low

My soul is still
Held by a heavy chain
Of frost and fear
And cold

Will She Come?