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Summer is ending…

I suspected it for a few days but this morning I knew: summer has come to and end and autumn is almost here… There is that distinct crisp cool feel in the air and some trees are changing colours. My heart did a little leap of sadness because it seems that the summer days have pased so quickly this year. Was there any time at all to sit down and enjoy a warm evening? how is it that the days fly past so quickly? it must be me and my focus on other things than the present moment… Still, I love autumn and I am looking forward to the colours and sounds and smell of that beautiful season. Let’s hope, I won’t write a similar article when winter comes and wonder how quicly the season has passed without me participating fully…


Happy memories…. Last year we spent some time on the Isle of Iona in the Hebrides. The boys were flying their kite and I took a photo of them against the evening sky. This is what my talented husband turned the simple photo into!


Have a look at his photos: http://lesoupir.wordpress.com


Today, the sun came out and  the world changed!  There were so many blossoms on bushes and trees, opening delicate and fresh leaves and this distinct pre-summer perfume hanging in the air. What a change from the cold and grey days behind us… When I picked up all the different scents, I only noticed how much I had missed them over winter. Tonight we step into the Celtic summer, Beltane is here! A time for buds and blossoms and a promise of fruit to come. I am looking forward to this season with anticipation and curiosity and a little bit of excited flutters in my tummy. What is growing in and around me?