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Brighid has come out of the hill

Bleak are the fields
Stretching to the horizon
Barren the trees
Under a leaden sky

Burdened is my soul
With its load of empty thoughts
Beat for beat
My heart labours on

Cold wind, cold air
Chill me to the bone
Cailleach the Crone
Craddles me close

Burning in my soul
Is a glowing ember
Blinding me almost
As it bursts into flame

Bright Brighid
Bountiful maiden
Bearing so many gifts
Bringing hope and joy

Two and yet one
Old and young
Wisdom and strength
Gifts without measure



Slowly and regularly

Round and round

Dropping to the ground

Pulling and twisting

Tugging at glistening

Fibres in a mound


Smell of wool

Shine of silk

Softness of cotton

Sweetness of linen


Glorious green

Riotous red

Blazing blue

Yummy yellow

Vibrant violet

Powerful purple

Black, brown and white


Slowly and regularly

Round and round

Spins the spindle

Pulling and twisting

Twisting the thread

Tugging at the heart

Of Ariadne

Autumn Leaf Thoughts

My thoughts are twirling, soaring, spinning…
Like leafs carried by the wind
They go here and there
Without Me

My thoughts are colourfull
Like leafs clinging to their branch
They change appearance
Within Me

My thoughts turn golden
My thoughts turn orange
My thoughts turn brown
They move
They flutter
They fall

My thoughts are covering the ground
Like dead leaves
They decay
Nourishing the earth
And free Me


Pulling and tugging
Pleading and begging
Asking and grasping
Wanting, demanding…

Reproachful eyes staring at me

Little “i” wants to hide
Run away
Cover her ears

I stand still
And wait
In silence



Falling softly

Carressing blossoms

Rolling along leaves

Dripping on the ground



Pelting down

Driven by gusts of wind

Hammering against my window

Hitting the soil



Streaming endlessly

Washing rocks

Gushing downhill

Filling the river



Clearing my mind

Freeing my heart

Opening my mind

Cleansing all



Floating on a warm summer breeze
Eternally rising and falling with the wind
Adventurously plunging in the deep
Tediously balancing on a stream of hot air
Happily watching the fields from up high
Eagerly spiralling upwards
Rejoicing in the bright sunlight

I am…

I am the silver line on the horizon

I am the song of the blackbird

I am the colours of the rainbow

I am the taste of homemade bread

I am the scent of summer

I am the deep blue of the sky in May

I am the touch of your hands

I am the voice of the lark

I am the warmth of the sun’s rays


I am No-Thing in All



Hidden by a thick curtain of water

Ducking behind rocks

Peeping out carefully

Sheltering under bushes

Eyes bright between green leaves

Flitting from tree to tree

Crouching in the grass

Disappearing in a ray of sunlight

Growing in the womb of time

Unfolding senses one by one

Trying out slender limbs

Breathing slowly

Opening eyes of the heart

Stretching out hands

Gaining consciousness

I am



My soul is quiet now and still

I gaze over shadowy hills

Deeply drink my fill

Embrace the slight chill

O’ breeze’s frill

Life stands still


Photo curtesy of David Pitt