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Distant Memories

Today I have wandered farSoon the day will be overThe trees are growing darkAnd the last rays of sunlight fade awayI have to rest a while before reaching the end of my journeyI sit down at the foot of a big stoneold stone, covered in mossI close my eyes just for a momentTo gather my strengthI wrap my cloak around me And sing softly to myselfAll grows quiet around meI lift my eyes and seeA tall man looking straight at meDressed in strange clothesI feel no fear but admirationHe is so handsome and strongHis eyes deep forest poolsHis features nobleI stand to greet himBut the words don't comeI stare at the deep wound in his chestThen at his pale faceHe smiles at me and shakes his headI move towards him to helpBut as I approach he fades awayAnd I can't see him any moreI continue my wayFeeling sad yet warm insideWhat has happened at this place? Who is he? Where is he now? I walk on wonderingMy soul at peaceHe was before me and he lives onOur paths may still cross again



Yesterday I was talking to my friend about awareness. In my job and also in my private life, I find it difficult not to go into automatic gear and switch off… but I don’t want to do that. I want to be present, aware of what is happening, with me, in me… She suggested a few things I could do to bring myself back to the present moment. One is to stop for a few seconds every hour, on the hour, and say to myself “I am”. That sounded simple enough and I said I would give it a go! So I did! I started work at 12:00 and missed the 12:00 stop because I had to find out what was happening at work. Normal… At 13:00 I did stop and said “I am” and thought, well, that’s easy… Then I came to myself at 18:00, during my meal break, realising I hadn’t even remembered the hours in between! Of course, I was working, welcoming people, explaining, helping a new colleague, answering the phone, answering emails, doing a million and one things… and not once in between had I even remembered to check the time!
Of course, this is not a guilt thing, I knew I wouldn’t make it and that’s ok, the idea is just to observe oneself, watch what is happening. Nevertheless, I thought I would be a tad more aware than that…
Well, I’ll try again, today, when I’m at home. Will that be easier? In theory, yes, but I have my doubts :-/…