I am in a snow flake

Softly falling to the ground

I am slowly melting

Always homeward bound


I drip into the dark soil

Weaving here and there

Ever flowing further

Tight spaces I can bear


I am now with others

As lonely as me

We shall join our forces

And turn into a stream


Then we move upwards

Through white narrow veins

Further and further

’till the light shines again


I am in a flower

Breaking through earth’s hard crust

I give her bright colours

And quench her thirst


Then I slowly dissolve again

Floating upwards this time

I wonder what will happen

When I reach the sky


I join the fair clouds

Making many new friends

Others like me abound

And we dance, and we dance


Then the dance ends

I can feel my own weight

I slowly slip downwards

I try not to be afraid


I am in a snow flake…